Students Flashback

552-9534 Ms. Katesarin Keekat

Position - Import - Export Project Division Manager
Company’s name - Central Group 
Comment - Assumption University of Thailand has helped me gain the knowledge I need which is applicable and favorable to my current job as a division manager. Moreover, it has encouraged me to improve systematic thinking, strategic planning, and sound/right decision making and to boost my self-confidence. All the skills and knowledge I have gained from this university are great contributory factors to my success at a young age.


552- 9540 Mr. Yuichi Tadotoro
Position - General Manager
Company’s name - Sumisho Global Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 
Comment - I am working for the logistics service provider company (LSP). The classes have provided me the knowledge of the relationship between SCM and logistics. Why and how are logistics activities generated? What are the users’ perspectives on LSP? You can find the answers to these questions through the theoretical classes and practical experiences afforded by the course to its students. 

552-9542 Ms. Supattra Sukkitphong

Position - Order Execution Analyst
Company’s name - Tenaris Thailand
Comment – It was great taking a graduate course in Supply Chain Management at Assumption University of Thailand. The course does not only offer a wide perspective in terms of supply chain but also various class activities to enhance better understanding and to be adaptable to real work situation. These meaningful experiences were made possible by our competent and supportive lecturers.


552-9553 Mr. Thiti Kanjanajootha
Procurement Manager Marigot Jewellery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
The subjects in the program are close to work life, especially, Strategic Purchasing, Strategic Global Sourcing is another subject that can help increase knowledge in order to compete. The tuition fees are reasonable especially when compared with other institutions that specialize in the area.
562-9401 Mr. Wenze Li
Assistant Manager Yun Pong Logistic China Ltd.
Firstly, graduating from Assumption University helped me adapt to a new culture. The supply chain management program is very useful for the future and my current job. It will help me improve my thoughts and ideas in my future career and lifetime. I studied in English although my mother tongue is Chinese.
562-9409 Mr. Ognjen Stambuk
M.Sc. SCM student Batch 18
I choose M.Sc. (SCM) at Assumption University because I want to learn more about Supply Chain Management. As Supply Chain grows globally, I can follow my dreams to build a business career in SCM. Also, I find Assumption University an excellent school of managem ent which helps increase skills and knowledge.

582-9443 Ms. Nathkrita Amatyakul 

Position - General Manager - Service Center Manager Bangkok and Financial Director 
Company’s name - Solvay Asia Pacific
Comment - The graduate program in Supply Chain Management broadens my knowledge to another area of business which is very crucial and beneficial for all companies. Apart from the knowledgeable faculty, the program incorporates digital technology/software with case studies to enhance students' learning. Not only that I am able to learn and share ideas with talented students with diverse backgrounds, but also, I make an invaluable connection with them.

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